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Little Big Sister...

When there was only one it became two. The first time I laid my eyes on this little girl I knew she was heaven sent. She was full of personality and sass in the womb, I begged and pleaded for her to come early to give me relief but she came on her time, the exact due date March 13th.

Ralph was introduced to his new little sister Mackenzie, he welcomed her with open arms, he said "baby". He leaned over and kissed her forehead. But it wasn't an instant love affair we had hoped for. He had just turned two years old, and did not take kindly to have to share his time with me. One of the fears I had while pregnant with Mackenzie was, will I love my new baby as much as I love Ralph? The answer is "Yes!!!"

Being a mom your heart has an unlimited capacity of love for your family. I remember one story when I first came home from the hospital with Mackenzie my husband had taken him to run errands for most of the day so I could get a little rest. When they returned I was breast feeding Mackenzie and Ralph became very upset and tried to pull her out of my arms. I knew from that day forward I would have to make sure Ralph and I get that one on one time every day just for us.

As Mackenzie grew their bond grew stronger and stronger. Now fast forward four years these two are inseparable. They have an unspoken language, she is his advocate, his representative, and his lawyer. Mackenzie makes sure Ralph is taken care of, whether it's making sure he has his favorite toy or it's making sure we bring him something back from the store. When he is having one of his tantrums, she is the first to try to console him, by saying "It's okay Ralphie..." and giving him hugs. Each day when we drop Ralph off at school she gives him a big hug and kiss on the cheek and wishes him a good day!

Mackenzie is such a blessing, this little girl is wiser beyond her years. She recognizes her brother is a little different from other kids, she loves him unconditionally. She is his protector, when other kids exclude him or tease him. She pushes Ralph to do more, to be affectionate, to show empathy, to communicate and engage with her. She is a little girl who knows and loves God. Mackenzie is the first to say a prayer for others, blessing dinner, praying for her brother, etc. She knows at a young age to lean on God with our problems and HE will show us the way forward. I see so much of myself in her, from her sass to her compassionate heart for others. I want to make sure both of my of my children know God by learning to take HIS teachings and implementing them in their lives just as I am doing. We are all far from perfect but if we commit to being a better person than the day before that's progress.

Today on March 13th, 2017 I celebrate my daughter Mackenzie Nicole. She was designed just for me, she is beautiful inside and out, she is compassionate, smart, fearless and most of a loving little lady. We could not have asked God for a better daughter. She makes us want to be a better person each and every day. Thank you for always keeping me on toes and on track! Remember I am always your best friend, and biggest supporter. I look forward to see where life takes us. I love you Kenzie.... Mom

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